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Meeting Your Need For Office Staff

Your office staff is the backbone of your workplace administration.

A good office team keeps you efficient, allowing the different parts of your organization to communicate effectively with one another, and making sure information, cash, and inventory all ends up in the right place on schedule.

A well-functioning office is made up of a thousand little pieces.

Communication- emails, phone calls, and deliveries all need to be planned and executed professionally.

Meetings need to be organized and scheduled. Reports, presentations and planning needs to be created and distributed.

These and many other tasks need to be executed with care each day, or the ability of your entire organization to function will be impeded.

A good office staff member is conscientious, detail-oriented, and has fantastic communication skills.

As they need to relate and work with many different parts of your team, great people skills are also a must.

They should be able to assist independently with keeping the office functioning smoothly while still being sensitive to direction.

How Richmond Staffing Helps


Richmond Staffing is ready to assist when you need to add capacity to your office team.

Every office has its own unique needs, so we’ll start our consultation by understanding your current configuration, what gaps you’re looking to fill, and your plans for the future.

Next, we’ll source the perfect candidate or candidates to augment your office staff capacity.

Of course, if you require special experience or capabilities, we’ll include these in our profile as we start our search.

Your office and administrative staff play a crucial role in maintaining an effective and cohesive organization.

We’ll ensure that your candidates have the interpersonal and professional skills to communicate with the different parts of your company and integrate well into your existing team.

This includes making sure that they’re a great match for your corporate culture and style.


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Specific Job Criteria

While our clients specific needs for their office staff candidates vary, here are the skills that we associate with the profile:

  • Excellent communication skills- written and verbal
  • Strong computer and IT literacy
  • Strong detail orientation
  • Time-management, planning, and scheduling skills
  • Customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team

Office staff are usually expected to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Carry out internal, client-facing, and other communication- in person, over the telephone, or electronically
  • Preparing reports, communications, planning documents, presentations, contracts, and more
  • Processing mail and other materials
  • Maintaining a safe, clean, and productive office environment
  • Assisting with schedule, organizing, and recording meetings
  • Conducting and assisting with administrative procedures, such as payroll or time off requests
  • Assisting in basic financial tasks, such as preparing invoices

While this is a basic profile, we know every industry has their own specific goals and needs. Talk to us today to start the search for the perfect candidate for your industry.

If your organization needs office staff , don’t delay