Hiring The Millwright You Need

Skilled millwrights are a crucial piece of any successful manufacturing business or serious construction project.

Whether you need to replace existing personnel, or are hiring on more hands for a special project, having a talented millwright is critical to ensure deadlines and targets are met, your machinery remains in proper working order, and that a safe working environment is maintained for your staff.

In the long run, ensuring you have the proper staff on your production can net you huge savings through ability to perform proper preventative maintenance and keeping your equipment running at full capacity.

A great millwright should combine excellent technical skills, a keen eye for detail, and an ability to troubleshoot and work independently.

However, they also need the communication skills to collaborate with the rest of your organization and remain in sync with the rest of the team.

How Richmond Staffing Helps


Whether it’s urgent or you’re planning ahead, Richmond Staffing is ready to assist when it’s time to augment your team with a skilled millwright.

Every manufacturing business is different, so we’ll start by understanding your needs in depth so we can place the candidate in the context of your goals and priorities.

Depending on the equipment and working environment your new candidate will need to be responsible for, your personal representative will connect you with the right millwright for your business.

Not only can we accommodate any special skills, capabilities, or qualifications you require, but we can also help you forecast ahead to make sure you have the right person on board to support future growth and development.

It goes without saying that any candidate we recommend will also be a great match for the culture of your organization and someone your team will love working with.


Food Production




Consumer Package Goods

Trillium Construction is looking for experienced Journeyman Millwrights able to work independently to repair, troubleshoot and perform preventative maintenance on equipment, buildings, and grounds.

Ability to read blueprints, manuals, and drawings required.  Well-rounded experience working with pneumatics, hydraulics, motor controls, and other basic components needed to service conveyors, fillers, and tanks.

Millwright Job Criteria

While every role is unique, here are some of the common skills we look for in a millwright candidate:

  • Machinery Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Supervise Installation or Movement of Machinery
  • Troubleshoot Equipment
  • Ability read blueprints, drawings, and manuals

Richmond Staffing can source millwrights to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Independently repair and optimize machinery
  • Independently assess plant conditions and perform preventative maintenance
  • Assist in schedule and coordinating equipment shutdown, replacement, and expansion
  • Ensure proper operation of refrigeration systems and boilers

While this is a basic profile, the specific capacities you’ll require will have a lot to do with your specific machinery and projects. Our representatives have the technical knowledge in place to make sure our candidates will be a perfect fit.

If your organization needs a millwright, don’t delay