Forklift Operators


Forklift Drivers

Using your warehouse effectively requires good workers behind the wheel of your forklifts.

Operated safely and efficiently, these vehicles are a crucial part of your operation.

Whether you need to replace one or more forklift operators on short notice, or simply require temporarily increased capacity to handle a special request, expansion, or project, Richmond Staffing can provide the forklift drivers you need.

As they’re operating machinery and usually moving large or valuable items, you need to be assured that any drivers you hire are well-trained, experienced and proficient at what they do.

Depending on the size and configuration of your warehouse and vehicles, your specific needs might vary- and we can help you meet them.

We’ll help you formulate a plan to add the right amount of forklift driver capacity for your requirements- ahead of schedule and under budget.

We are experts in recruitment for Reach Operators, Counter-balance Operators, Order Picker, Narrow Aisle Reach Operator, and Powered Pallet Trucks Operators.

Your Choice For Temporary Staffing Solutions


Hiring temporary staffing capacity is a great way for your organization to respond to challenges while still remaining lean and nimble.

With Richmond Staffing as your designated staffing provider, you’ll be able to grow your team as needed without worrying about having excess capacity during slower periods.

As a first step when you work with us, we’ll build a profile of your business to capture your goals and staffing needs.

From there, we can help you meet your needs or prepare for what’s to come with a customized temporary staffing plan.

Rest assured that even though these candidates are for temporary positions, they’ll easily integrate into your existing team as easily if they were full-time members.

We’ll work with you as needed to make sure that all temporary staff are performing exactly as needed.

Additionally, our plans are flexible- allowing you to easily add or reduce capacity, or even switch candidates from temporary to permanent roles.

When you need to add forklift drivers, we’re ready to help.

We’ll work with you to source the correct quantity, and type of worker to meet your needs, and determine how long you’ll need the extra capacity.

Have no worries- our plans are flexible and can be modified based on your needs!


Food Production




Consumer Package Goods

Specific Job Criteria

While needs vary for specific projects, we often provide forklift drivers meeting the following requirements:

  • Responsible, conscientious and industrious
  • Operate forklifts, winches, other equipment as needed
  • Process inventory, including loading, packing, unpacking and sorting
  • Maintain high safety standards

While this is a basic profile, we know every industry has their own specific goals and needs. Talk to us today to start the search for the perfect candidate for your industry.

If your organization needs forklift driver capacity