Our Approach To Recruitment

Whether your organization’s recruitment needs are large or small, temporary or permanent, Richmond Staffing aims to provide a seamless pipeline to our pool of talent.

Even as the priorities and needs of your business change, your requirement for the right people to support your success remains the same.

We establish long-term relationships with our clients that give us the privilege of helping them grow, change, and evolve by meeting their staffing needs.

Who We Are

Our team at Richmond Staffing specializes in providing recruitment solutions for the manufacturing, food production, and CPG industries.

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we strive to provide personalized and effective services to meet your staffing needs.

We understand that your priority is to get the talent you need in place as efficiently as possible and get back to doing what you do best.

That’s why Richmond Staffing focuses on understanding your unique needs and profile first- and using it as the basis for our recruitment search. With a representative deeply versed in your brand and mission, you’ll enjoy a faster overall process and limit your wasted time.

Permanent Placement

Finding the right hire is a lot more than just matching skills on a CV and bombarding you with resumes.

Not only will the candidates we present to you be the best at what they do, they’ll also be a perfect fit for your company culture and be ready to grow together with your business.

In addition to finding the right candidate, we also provide ongoing support throughout the hiring process to ensure a smooth transition. We work with you to understand your business goals, values, and culture, so we can provide candidates who share your vision and are committed to your success.

We take pride in our ability to help businesses build dynamic teams that can drive growth and create a positive impact on their bottom line.

Trust us to help you find the right talent to take your company to new heights.

Whether it’s a hotshot engineer or top C-suite executive, we’re the best place to start and finish your talent hunt.

Here are just of the few of the positions which we’re able to help you fill:

  • Executive Suite
  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • IT
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Depending on your industry and needs, we’ll match you with a personal recruitment representative.

Each of our representatives comes with a deep knowledge of their industry and an unmatched network.

We probably already have your star candidate on our roster!

Temporary Staffing

There are an endless variety of reasons why firms turn to temporary staffing.

For some, it’s a regular occurrence- to bring on additional capacity to meet season fluctuations in demand.

For others, it might be the best way to accommodate a special client request or finish a demanding project on time.

Whatever the reason, temporary staffing is a great solution to the challenge of increasing your team’s capacity while remaining lean and nimble.

Working with us, we’ll create a unique profile that allows us to understand your needs, budget and timeline.

Then we’ll provide a personalized solution to solve your staffing challenge and get you where you need to go.

We understand that whether the candidate is temporary or permanent, you only want to work with the best!

Here are a few of the temporary staffing profiles we excel at delivering:

  • Seasonal Workers
  • Casual Staff
  • General Labor
  • Temporary Replacement
  • Project-based Workforce
  • Shutdown/Maintenance Workers
  • Temporary-Permanent Recruitment

Whether you need one employee or an entire team, we have the expertise, resources, and network to deliver top-tier talent that will help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how our temporary staffing solutions can help take your business to the next level.

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