Hiring The Perfect Industrial Electrician

An industrial electrician is a key tradesperson necessary for many projects and applications, from manufacturing operations to construction projects.

They ensure that any electrical equipment is properly installed, operated, and maintained, perform preventative maintenance and repairs, and ensure that everything is up to code on site.

Different industries will have slightly different requirements, but all great industrial electricians have certain skills and abilities in common.

Your ideal industrial electrician candidate should be a motivated and independent worker with excellent technical skills.

An expert in your local codes and regulations, they’ll be able to take a proactive approach in ensuring that all of your equipment is operating efficiently and safely.

They will also be ready to meet the physical demands of the job, and be proficient with any tools or equipment they use.

This package is rounded out by excellent written and verbal communication skills and an ability to work well with the rest of the team to keep your operation functioning smoothly.

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How Richmond Staffing Helps


If your organization needs to add or replace an industrial electrician, Richmond Staffing can help you find the right candidate quickly and efficiently.

From our first conversations, we’ll build a profile of your specific needs so that we can help you hire the perfect candidate.

Every industry or business comes with their own unique requirements.

Depending on the machinery or equipment you’re operating, you may need an electrician with specialized skills or experience, or one who holds special certifications.

No matter what your needs, we’ll be able to connect you with the right candidates.

Lastly, we know that any organization cares deeply about maintaining team morale and their own corporate culture.

We’ll make sure that the candidates we recommend are a great culture fit for your company.

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Specific Job Criteria:

While every role is unique, here are some of the common skills we are asked to look for in industrial electrician candidates:

  • Holds relevant licenses or certifications
  • Able to work independently, either alone or in concert with other skilled tradespeople
  • Ability to read schematics, blueprints, and other technical documents
  • Able to install and maintain electronic devices or equipment
  • Mastery of local, provincial and national electric codes
  • Able to work outside and carry loads in excess of 20kg
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to independently diagnose malfunctions and perform preventative maintenance

Most industrial electricians are expected to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Supervising and completing the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Diagnosing equipment issues and performing repairs and preventative maintenance
  • Taking the lead on electrical safety in the workplace
  • Ensuring compliance with local, provincial and national electrical codes
  • Collaborate in a team with other skilled tradespeople to meet goals and objectives
  • Performing tests, assessment, and inspections

While this is a basic profile, we know every industry has their own specific goals and needs. Talk to us today to start the search for the perfect candidate for your industry.

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